• Plan all meeting presentations, classes, workshops, and speakers.
  • Negotiates all contracts with presenters, teachers, and speakers and ensure contracts are within the Guild annual budget limits for programs.
  • Secures the space/venue for the workshops.
  • Hosts out of town speakers including making hotel reservations, taking to dinner, completing paperwork for speaker’s payment of fees and reimbursement expenses (using the guild reimbursement form). Can invite another person to dinner (person who suggested speaker, president, etc.).
  • Be responsible for setup and close of the workshop space/venues.
  • Be responsible for the inventory, maintenance, and storage for the Guild owned audio-visual equipment with AV/Tech Chair.
  • Informs the Communications committee for program inclusion in the newsletter, website, and Guild calendar.
  • Manages the signup lists for all classes and workshops.
  • Communicates with Officers on matters concerning the Guild as needed.
  • Works/communicates with members to maintain a positive Guild experience.
  • Transfer of information/supplies to incoming chair
  • Works with incoming chairperson for ease of transition
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