• Collects registration information from new members and updates from existing members for inclusion and updating the Guild roster.
  • Introduces all new members and guests at the general meeting.
  • Announces total attendance.
  • Communicates any changes to the roster to the Newsletter, Facebook, Hospitality and Website chairs within a week after the General meeting. The information is needed by the other chairs for distribution of the newsletter, admittance to Facebook, welcome message from Hospitality and directory on website.
  • Any dues collected at the meetings is passed by membership chair to the Treasurer.
  • Informs the Secretary of the new members at the meeting. It is best if it is given in written form to avoid errors.
  • Keeps membership forms on hand at meetings for renewals and new members.
  • Distributes membership cards to all members at the beginning of the year and as new members join.
  • Distribute renewal forms for the next fiscal year in December.
  • Communicates with Officers on matters concerning the Guild as needed.
  • Works/communicates with members to maintain a positive Guild experience.
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