This chair and committee greet and promote interaction between and among members and visitors. They also support a hospitable environment before and after meetings and assist with celebrations or special events.

  • Provide new members with Welcome Packets.
  • Provide guests with informational brochure about the Guild.
  • Recruit guild members to be Ambassadors to help guests and new members feel welcome at the meetings.
  • Recruit guild members to assist new members as they become acquainted with the Guild and answer any questions that may arise.
  • Send a written note to new members welcoming them to the Guild.
  • Assign new members a mentor, if needed.
  • Submit receipts to the treasurer for reimbursement.
  • Transfer of information/supplies to incoming chair
  • Work with incoming chairperson for ease of transition.
  • Communicate with Officers on matters concerning the Guild as needed.
  • Work/communicate with members to maintain a positive Guild experience.
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