President’s Message July, 2024

President’s Message

I just realized that half of the year is over already!  It seems the older I become, the faster time goes by.  So last month I encouraged all to do activities that made you happy.  This month “Choose to find joy in the blooming of growth” just as the Sunflower continues to grow and bloom in the summer sun! Celebrate your accomplishments and those of others.  Even though we are individual sunflowers, we gain strength and beauty from all the surrounding sunflowers in the field.  Let’s continue our journey together…creating, sharing, experiencing all the Guild has to offer us!  Enjoy each other!!!

  • Make any 12 and ½ red, white and blue block and get a Quilters Treasure Raffle ticket free. We need many more Quilts of Valor so please help.
  • It’s never too early to start thinking or making a QUILT for the Quilt and Fiber Arts Show in 2026. We are planning a Quilters Treasure Chest boutique this time with goodies provided by members, etc.  We will explain more at the meeting.   It should be exciting and fun!
  • We hope you are on the lookout for baskets to bring to the meeting for the Quilt Show…just baskets right now.
  • Don’t forget that we offer OPEN SEW in one of the classrooms every afternoon after the Guild meeting. Bring your goodies and meet more quilting friends.
  • How is your Guild challenge coming along? I will be bringing forms for you to fill out in July.
  • It’s not too late to sign up for the Deb Heatherly class. Contact Diane Mercer or register on the website.  She is a great teacher!  I’m very excited about her class.


Happy 4th of July!!!  It is the day we commemorate the Declaration of Independence that was ratified in 1776.  I wish everyone a day filled with pride, happiness and the spirit of freedom.  May this day bring you new and endless opportunities to freely express yourself.  Enjoy laughter, love and special moments with family and friends because we are very fortunate to have our freedoms!  As my father used to tell his children, NEVER TAKE FREEDOM FOR GRANTED!

Sunflower Power…Barb





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