2024 UFO Challenge

2024 UFO Challenge

This is a great opportunity to finish up some of the projects that are sitting around in your sewing room.  To participate you need to fill out two copies of the UFO form.  You will keep one copy for yourself and submit one copy to us.  You can do that by giving it to us at one of the meetings, or sending it to one of us in an e-mail ( luci55@comcast.net or wdc5849@aol.com ) . 

As you finish each project you can post a picture of it on our Cobblestone Facebook page, send a picture to us in an e-mail, or bring it to one of our meetings for Show and Tell.  

****If you plan to show your projects during “Show and Tell” for documentations, please stop by the UFO table, before the meeting starts and give us your name and what project(s) you are showing.  

Our goal this year is for each participant to complete 10 UFOs.  You will need to have the documentation of completed projects turned in by the November guild meeting.  We will recognize everyone who meets the UFO goal at our Christmas party in December. It is not too late to join!!!

UFO rules 2024

UFO Challenge 2024

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