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2012 Opportunity Quilt wins
"Best in Show"!


2012 Opportunity Quilt wins "Best in Show!" Congrats, Janice, on winning this wonderful quillt!

The pattern is "A Southern Album" by Diane Frankenberger and Kristin Steiner. The quilt was pieced and appliqued by guild member June Bohac. It was heirloom quilted by guild member Karen Kendo of Quilting with Karen on a longarm quilting machine.

Center section of "A southern Album", the 2012 Best in Show at the CQG  Quilt SHow!

The pattern depicts all things Southern - pine trees, oak trees, Carolina lilies, cotton bolls, magnolias, dogwoods, pineapple, okra, and even kudzu. Since quilts have always denoted warmth and comfort we combined the two to arrive at our quilt show theme - Southern Comforts. There will be a special ribbon and monetary prize for the quilt show entry that best portrays the theme of our show.

A Celebration of Quilts 2012:  Southern Comforts

What a great show!  Thanks to all who participated!

2012 "Southern Comforts" Awards List

A Celebration of Quilts was a judged show held in
Charleston, SC on March 3rd & 4th. 
The judge for this show was Lorraine Covington,
NQA certified judge.

Images from the 2012 Quilt Show

"Best" of the Best

2012 Opportunity Quilt pieced by June Bohac and heirloom quilted by Karen Kendo wins 2012 Cobblestone Quilters Guild Best of Show!

100 ~ Bed ~ Pieced

200 ~ Bed ~ Appliqué

300 - Bed Mixed Technique

400 - Wall ~ Pieced

500 - Wall ~ Applique

600 ~ Wall – Mixed Technique

700 ~ Duet Bed – Pieced

800 ~ Duet Bed – Appliqué

900 ~ Duet Bed – Mixed Technique

1000 ~ Duet Wall – Pieced

1100 ~ Duet Wall – Appliqué

1200 ~ Duet Wall – Mixed Technique

1300 ~ Landscape/Pictorial

1400 ~ Art/Innovative

1500 ~ Other

1600 ~ Miniatures

1700 ~ Group

1800 ~ Wearables


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