President’s Message December, 2023

HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS, HOLIDAYS!  It doesn’t matter which religious or ethnic holiday you celebrate in December, I wish you all peace and joy!  Yet, along with the holiday season, we tend to feel some stress and anxiety over shopping or making our gifts.  I’m sure you can all relate to that!  So, Cobblestone’s holiday mantra is SHIELD! 

S = Sleep 6-8 hours each night

H = Handle stress through meditation/ prayer/quiet reflection/relaxing activity

I = Interact and build relationships with like-minded people

E = Exercise or move daily

L = Learn something new…a new technique, block design, color choice, tip

D = Dietary…try to watch your intake of sugar…LOL


  • December meeting is our holiday party (The Golden Rays of Sunshine). GAMES, FOOD, GIFTS, PRIZES, FUN!

We are asking everyone to bring a dessert, finger food or appetizer.  If you signed up already, thank you.  If not, just bring something.  We will be providing a punch!

  • If you want to participate in the grab bag, please bring a wrapped present that costs no more than $5. You can make or buy something!  All participants will get a number at the door.  It should be FUN!  I can’t wait to see how creative people get with a $5 limit!!!
  • We made $529 from the Christmas stocking auction! Whether you made a stocking, bought a stocking or both, thank you so much for your generosity.  A check will be presented to Dorchester Children’s Center.
  • The Stingrays’ owner donated $1000 to Cobblestone to be used for Quilts of Valor. Pat Schneider presented it at the November meeting.  A big hug to Pat for her efforts to promote the Quilts of Valor program in the Community.  And hugs to Cobblestone for providing beautiful quilts to cover our military with love!
  • CALLING ON ALL MEMBERS: We have had so many members asking for recipes for yummy lunch foods…so, we thought we would try again to have members bring in their favorite recipes to share with the group…please bring 1-2 of your favorites to the December meeting.  We will collect and put them all together in a recipe book.  Sound good??? If you want to add your name, fine.  But if you don’t, that’s fine, too.   We all have at least one favorite that we use! 
  • The new slate of executive board members for 2024 is Barbara Troeger…President, Diane Mercer…Vice President, Jinny Hoffman…Treasurer, and Kristin Pritchett…secretary. We feel honored to represent the membership!
  • During this holiday season and the coming 2024, continue to be kind to each other. We don’t always know the hardships and struggles people are experiencing in their lives.  I love the way our membership has embraced each other to provide a welcoming and safe haven for our Guild and, of course, how you have shared YOUR sunshine in the Community as well.  WE ARE THE BEST!!!   Barb



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