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Welcome to Cobblestone Quilters Guild’s
2020 Block Bee/Swap

Block of the Month Project

Members Only Printable 2020 BOM Directions

In 2020 our guild will be doing a Block Bee/Swap.  For six months, if you choose to participate, you promise to make two blocks of your choice each month.  At the end of the six months (August 2020) you will receive 10 quilt blocks from your box mates to make into a quilt or whatever you want to make with those blocks. 

Starting date:  February 13, 2020
Sign up by:  February 10, 2020 by completing on-line form.  Link to Registration

How it Works:  We will create groups of 6 quilters who will make two blocks each month for one member of their group.  If you want to join in the fun, sign up begins once you receive this newsletter.  Here is the link to sign up for the 2020 Block Bee/Swap:  2020 Cobblestone Block Swap/Bee .  If that link doesn’t work, just copy this into your browser:  You must sign up by February 10, 2020. 

What will you need to do:  At the February guild meeting you will bring your fabric and your own first 2 completed blocks in a box labeled with your name.  Your fabric will be used by members of your group to make blocks for you.  You are committing to make two blocks each month for ONE of your group mates using THEIR fabrics and an ACCURATE  ¼” seam.  The boxes will be rotated to the next group member each month.  At each guild meeting you will bring the box in your care back to folks at the Block Bee (BTM) table who will coordinate the box exchanges.  Once everyone in your group turns in their box, you will collect the next box to work on during the upcoming month.  If you cannot attend a guild meeting, please ask a friend to deliver/pick-up your box or contact the next person on the list to do a box exchange.  Each of us will be responsible for keeping the boxes moving each month.  At the end, you will have made 2 blocks for each of the other five members of your group and will have 10 blocks made by the group using your fabrics.

Which quilt blocks will I make:  Unless you and your group have a discussion, we are making 12-inch quilt blocks (12 ½” unfinished) of your choice.  During February at the guild meeting, or through a group email, meet with everyone in your group to see if you want to set some guidelines for your group.  You could make the same two blocks each month for each person in your group and yourself because you are in this group too .

What to put in my box for the February meeting:  This is a guesstimate on how much fabric to make the blocks only (no borders, sashing, binding or backing is included in this).  You can add a little more for mistakes/accidents:

Background:                                              1 ¼ yards
Dark Fabric:                                              1 yard
Medium Fabric:                                          1 ¼ yard
Light Fabric:                                              ½ yard

This is a good guess on fabric.  You could go scrappy or try a new color palette! Your box can be a plastic project box or a cardboard box.  Go ahead and MAKE YOUR TWO BLOCKS, that way the others in your group can see what you like. 
The most important thing is for us to have a great time doing this, catch up with old friends, and make some new friends in the guild.  If you have any questions or concerns, please let me know.  I hope you are looking forward to this as much as I am!  Let’s get started-pack up your box.

If you have any questions, please contact Kim McPeake directly or through the contact page,

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