Cobblestone Quilters Guild, Charleston, SC - Established 1983

Presiden't Challenge

Home Sweet Home

Presiden't Challenge!

Each year the guild president challenges the guild to creat a unique quilt based on a set of guide lines.

In 2018, The challenge is to create a piece that best describes the street on which you live. There are no restrictions on size. It must be a finished piece using fabrics of your choice. For example; If I were to do my street, Old Glory Lane, I would us red, white, blue and coordinating colors to make something patriotic. For “East Street”, you could go oriental, or for “West St.”, ride em' cowboy or Indian motifs would work. Now if you live on a street that has a funkadelic name, you can use the name of the street you grew up on. It just needs to have a short story defining the quilt. These quilts will be on display at the December meeting and voted on by those in attendance. If you cannot attend, prepare the narrative and send with a friend.

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